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Farm Fresh Eggs – 1 Dozen – Local Pickup Only


Farm Fresh Eggs, 1 Doz., Hand gathered.

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One Dozen Free Range Farm Fresh Eggs.

Brown, white and green eggs are possible in our dozen pack.  We also let the roosters have their harems so these eggs are fertilized, and can have small red dot(s) indicating that the egg is fertilized. These are completely safe and healthy to eat.  Much healthier for you than the 2-6 week old eggs stores sell from poorly kept caged chickens.  Non-GMO feed only for our birds, oh, and table scraps from the farm.  Our birds have unfettered access to a large 90×180 outdoor safe area where they can eat bugs, grass, weeds and all the dirt they want to scratch up!  They also get to mix and mingle with their fellow birds and do what chicken do best; scratch around and eat whatever they can scratch up! Our girls do occasionally even get into the yard and garden, but they are doing their part in keeping the bugs (and ticks!) off our farm and this just adds to the nutritional quality of our eggs, so we don’t mind too terribly.

We can’t technically call these organic, but they are as close as you can get without the name, and our birds are as free range (just ask them) as a chicken can be without getting into trouble!

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