Purple Thistle Farm

Our Story

Welcome to the Farm! We are a small family run homestead on 7 acres in rural Wisconsin just 45 minutes due north of Madison. On our little piece of land, we raise a large variety of fruits, veggies, herbs, critters and even children! We have been on this journey to better health through self-sufficiency for almost 25 years.

Ferguson Clan – Thanksgiving 2018

Who Are We?

We started out in town more than 20 years ago on the West Coast with a large garden at first, and then later a few chickens for eggs. Today, nearly 2000 miles from our humble beginnings, and in Wisconsin, it has blossomed into a wonderful lifestyle that we wouldn’t trade for anything! Our children range in age from 31 all the way down to 9 and our journey continues on to the next generation with 7 grandchildren so far.

The kids love to learn how to raise food and animals, gather and dry herbs, plant, grow and preserve food, and any other crazy entrepreneurial ideas (Like Highlander Firearms for Doug) Mom and Dad keep coming up with.

Our Goal

Our goal is to build a trusted partnership with you, knowing exactly where your food and products come from, and feeling good about your purchases from Purple Thistle Farm. Besides, who doesn’t like to live a little vicariously!

We are still growing our little website and would love for you, our friends and neighbors, to be a part of our sincere effort of growing this website into a resource that benefits the needs of folks just like you, looking for clean food and health and wellness items for every family and lifestyle, and good, reliable information to help you live a healthier and happier life. Isn’t that what God said he wanted for us all? To have life, and more abundantly!

What We Sell

We will, from time to time, have for sale things like Livestock, organic tinctures and soaps, Free Range Eggs, Organic, high quality whole food supplements, organic meats right from our farm, tinctures, organic fertilizers in small quantity made right on our farm, project overstock items (Why buy one, when you can buy two at twice the price?) and other goods that we think our customers may be looking for or want.

Check back often, or more importantly, Subscribe To Our Newsletter to be kept up to date (don’t worry we never give our mailing list out to anyone) on new products and other cool stuff we talk about from time to time like Organic Gardening, making natural soaps, pulling tinctures and lots of other cool foodie stuff!

We are constantly refining our methods, working in harmony with nature to insure the best quality products for our family and yours. Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to knowing you and yours!